SHOWKOO Luggage: Journey Unbound

Embark on your next adventure with SHOWKOO Luggage, your ultimate travel partner. Offering unmatched durability, stylish designs, and innovative features like expandable sizes and smooth spinner wheels, SHOWKOO Luggage ensures a seamless and secure travel experience for the modern explorer.

Comfortable Travel

Experience unparalleled ease with SHOWKOO Luggage - where comfort meets travel, ensuring every journey is as smooth and stress-free as your destination.

Different Styles

Explore SHOWKOO's diverse luggage collection - each piece designed to cater to every style, making your travel as unique as you are.

Functional and Safe

Showkoo ensures your travels are both functional and safe, with innovative designs that blend seamless mobility with top-notch security for every journey.

Showkoo Luggage Sets for Your Needs

Elevate your travel experience with SHOWKOO Luggage Sets, crafted for the modern traveler. These sets combine durability, style, and convenience, offering various sizes to meet your needs. Whether for short trips or global adventures, SHOWKOO’s innovative design and robust construction ensure your belongings are secure and organized, making every journey smooth and stylish.

SHOWKOO Luggage Sets 20in24in28in

SHOWKOO Luggage Sets 20in24in28in

Expandable PC+ABS Durable Suitcase Sets Double Wheels TSA Lock 3pcs

SHOWKOO Luggage Sets 16in20in24in28in

4pcs​ Expandable PC+ABS Durable Suitcase Sets Double Wheels TSA Lock

Luggage Sets Expandable ABS Hardshell 20/24/28

SHOWKOO Clearance Luggage Hardside Lightweight Durable with Spinner Wheels and TSA Lock

SHOWKOO Luggage Sets 3pcs Softside Expandable Lightweight

Luggage Sets 3pcs Softside Expandable

SHOWKOO Durable Suitcase Sets Double Spinner Wheels and TSA Lock (20in/24in/28in)

SHOWKOO Carry-On Luggage PC+ABS

Durable Hardside Suitcase with Spinner Wheels TSA LOCK (20in/24in/28in)

SHOWKOO Carry-on Luggage 2 Piece

Softside Lightweight Durable Suitcase with Bag Tote Double Spinner Wheels TSA Lock

Who Makes SHOWKOO Luggage?

SHOWKOO Luggage’s production facilities are based in China, which is standard practice for companies that manufacture suitcases. The company is known for its focus on creating durable, stylish, and affordable luggage options. SHOWKOO has established itself in the market with a reputation for producing quality products. By following quality control measures to ensure that their luggage meets travelers’ expectations in terms of durability, design and functionality.

Does SHOWKOO Luggage Have a Warranty?

Yes, SHOWKOO Luggage offers a comprehensive warranty covering manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship for up to 2 years from the date of purchase. This warranty includes issues such as broken zippers, damaged wheels, and handles under normal use conditions. It does not cover damage from misuse, accidents, or normal wear and tear. To make a claim, provide proof of purchase and contact SHOWKOO Luggage customer service. If approved, SHOWKOO Luggage will repair or replace the defective product. For more details or to initiate a claim, write for our email [email protected].

Suitcases for any Trip

Embrace every journey with SHOWKOO Luggage, your ultimate travel companion for any trip. Our versatile, durable, and stylish luggage ensures you travel with ease and elegance, whether it’s a weekend getaway or a global adventure.

Family Trip

Embark on family adventures with ease using SHOWKOO Luggage, designed to cater to everyone's needs with durable, spacious, and stylish options for seamless travel experiences.


Set off on your dream vacation with SHOWKOO, where each luggage piece promises durability, style, and convenience, turning every journey into an unforgettable travel experience.

Business Trips

Navigate business trips with sophistication using SHOWKOO Luggage, where functionality meets elegance, ensuring your professional essentials are secure and stylishly presented on every journey.

Sudden Journey

Spur-of-the-moment trips are a breeze with Showkoo's versatile luggage collection, offering swift, stylish, and secure packing solutions that cater to every unexpected turn your journey might take.

SHOWKOO Luggage Reviews

Explore authentic SHOWKOO Luggage reviews and discover why our customers love traveling with us. From durability to style, see how our luggage stands up to the journey, making every trip smoother and more enjoyable. Join the Showkoo family today!

I recently purchased a SHOWKOO Luggage Set for my family vacation, and it exceeded all expectations. The durability, ease of maneuverability, and stylish design made our travel experience smoother and more enjoyable. Highly recommend!

Zella Miller


Showkoo Luggage Reviews Edwards Franco

I’ve been using the Showkoo Carry-On for my frequent business trips, and it’s a game changer. Durable, perfectly sized for overhead bins, and effortlessly stylish. It’s my go-to for hassle-free travel.

Edwards Franco


Showkoo Luggage Reviews Lexi Carter

As a SHOWKOO Carry-on Luggage 2 Piece set user, I love its durability and style. However, the carry-on’s weight is slightly more than I’d prefer, making it a bit challenging to lift into overhead compartments.

Lexi Carter


Francisco Bell Showkoo Luggage Reviews

Using the PC+ABS Durable Suitcase Sets from SHOWKOO has been great for my travels, offering strength and a sleek look. My only gripe is the limited color options, wishing for more pastel colors.

Francisco Bell


Diaz Ophilia Showkoo Luggage Reviews

The SHOWKOO Durable Suitcase Sets have been a travel revelation for me. Lightweight, yet incredibly sturdy, they’ve withstood various trips. Their spaciousness also means packing extra is never an issue. Absolutely satisfied!

Diaz Ophilia


Diaz Ophilia Showkoo Luggage Reviews

As an owner of the Luggage Sets Expandable ABS Hardshell, I’m impressed by their robustness and the extra packing space. However, the surface scratches more easily than I’d hoped during rough transits.

Scott Saul


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